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Retail & e-commerce offerings at Roothoot

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Roothoot has considerable domain and technical enjoy in supplying QA and software program trying out offerings to the Retail and eCommerce domain. We provide give up-to-give up domain and testing offerings for stores, Warehouse management, agency control and Omni channel with our industry preferred frameworks and sturdy practices. Our nicely-defined and validated framework based totally models provide a step-through-step trying out technique with automation solutions that reflect sturdy fine and regression cycle reduction.

Our end to end testing services includes:

Roothoot's Retail & e-commerce service testing

Roothoot's services in Retail and eCommerce testing

  • AB testing
  • Analytics, data, and backend testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Content and Content management validation
  • CRM testing
  • Database Testing
  • DWH testing
  • End-to-End E-commerce business workflow testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Multi-device and browser compatibility testing
  • Order management-based testing
  • Payment gateway and credit card testing
  • RFID testing
  • Security Testing
  • Surveillance testing
  • System Integration Testing (OMS, Payment, CRM, etc)
  • User Acceptance Testing
Roothoot's Retail & e-commerce testing

Roothoot Differentiators

  • An approach that is disciplined and focuses on the optimization of resources and maximizing client revenue.
  • An experienced team of analysts, testers, and project managers.
  • An understanding of end-to-end retail applications workflows and extensive domain knowledge.
  • Expertise in both commercial and open-source tools allows retail software testing frameworks to be more cost-effective and more compatible.
  • Expertise in technology and domains for multiple business lines, including retail and e-commerce.
  • Our experts have expertise in the domain, of automation, performance, security, and mobile testing and can deliver end-to-end testing services for the entire retail IT landscape.
  • Pre-built accelerators and frameworks offer a speed-to-market advantage.
  • Providing our clients with cost-effective testing solutions that can save up to a maximum percent on their testing costs.
  • Regression test packs that are ready to use save time and money.
  • We have Years of experience and QA expertise in the retail industry.

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