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Guidewire Testing

The Guidewire Cloud Platform simplifies testing and enables Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). 

Testing is simplified and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is enabled through the Guidewire Testing Framework. This helps teams to complete updates and releases more quickly.

Team members who use BDD will be familiar with the framework’s open-source frameworks and tools, while those who have never used BDD will find it easy to learn. GUI Testing and API Testing are both parts of the Guidewire Testing Framework.

  • API Testing allows end-to-end testing for Guidewire APIs
  • UI Testing permits end-to-end customer interface testing for Guidewire applications

Motives of Our Services

API Testing

API testing allows you to design and execute end-to-end checks on Guidewire Cloud packages within a BDD environment. API testing can collect API calls in scenarios that cover and test whole commercial enterprise procedures from quit to stop.

Available features

• Construct take a look at situations in Karate, and compose scenarios to create quit-to-stop assessments
• Bind Cucumber expressions to Karate scenarios without writing separate step definitions or “glue code”
• Conduct check cases
• Take a look at records management

UI Testing

UI testing is a take a look at an automation framework that you could use to create end-to-stop user interface tests of Guidewire applications.

Available features

• Cucumber-primarily based conduct checks
• TestCafe fashion (non-conduct) exams
• Ignite, a device to robotically generate page items
• Situation library for common obligations
• Check data control to generate both transactional and administrative check data wished while going for walks automated checks

Enable Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

BDD is a software development approach where the focus is positioned on describing user behavior and verifying that the software produces the expected results from that conduct. preferably, you write these descriptions of conduct as exams that verify the behavior before the software is developed. initially, the assessments will fail due to the fact the capability has now not yet been applied. As functionality is advanced, the tests will skip. This ensures that the software program supports the preferred behaviors.

  • Analysts contribute with the aid of studying their enterprise and communicating the enterprise behavior anticipated from the utility
  • Software program builders and QA builders make contributions by using clarifying the technical implementation of the consumer conduct and implementing the step definitions

Customer Success

Guidewire makes strategic investments throughout crucial areas to ensure your achievement-

  • Cloud Delivery standards focus on solutions, testing, tools, and transitions
  • Continual refinement and development of SurePath by incorporating field experience into our enablement materials
  • For onsite and remote projects, SurePath integrates security
  • Our agile methodology includes testing standardization and behavior-driven development (BDD)
  • Providing maximum collaboration and efficiency for onsite and remote implementation teams
  • We are constantly evolving our tooling and methodology to enable the adoption of new capabilities in our products

Rapid, predictable delivery in your Guidewire Journey
Guidewire SurePath, our guided, validated implementation method, is a strategic Guidewire investment that is completely targeted at client success whether or not the challenge is led via Guidewire, our companions, or our clients.

Ensure a Successful Cloud Implementation with Guidewire:

  • Improve time-to-value and minimize risk
  • Optimize your costs while achieving your strategic objectives
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize your investment by realizing value aligned with your business strategy
  • The Guidewire Cloud Platform is enhanced with SurePath to maximize the investment of customers and their partners.
  • Utilize the base product features to get the most value from your investment

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